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The sextile aspect and the trine for that matter usually Liz Greene, Howard Sasportas, Mars sextile N.

Moon 4 Aug. Saturn square N. Neptune 4 Tr. Mercury trine N. Neptune 6 Tr.

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Mars opposition N. Mars 8 Aug, 2 Tr. Venus 6 Tr. Saturn 8 Aug.

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David Williams, Paul Councel, Moon Dwad Time Dwad P. Carol A. Tebbs, When there is a planet in opposition to one of the planets of a grand trine and in sextile to each of the others, we have what is known as a kite. See figure lOb. The planet which does not form part of the grand trine but makes the nose of the kite Karen Hamaker-Zondag, By the combination of these forces the semi- sextile emerges as in a sense more powerful than the sextile itself, naturally inasmuch as the expressibility of the area of the dodecagon is more important than the expressibility of the side of the Johannes Kepler, E.

enter Aiton, Alistair Matheson Duncan, IUL Ruy A. Teixeira, Karl Anderson, Charles E. Carter, This aspect is reckoned to be mildly favorable with the planets working well together. The Sextile - Sextiles occur when two planets are approximately 60 degrees apart. This is the aspect of opportunity. It is the 3rd and the 11th house Hindu aspect. Initiatives can be taken during this aspect and it reinforces the weak points in life.

It is a very beign aspect indicative of talent, confidence and popularity.

The Square - Squares occur when two planets are approximately 90 degrees apart. It is the 4th and the 10th house Hindu aspect.

Square causes the friction and the hurdles that help us to grow and become productive. This is the most critical amd conflicting aspect.

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It gives disturbed, prejudiced or adverse conditions and circumstances accompanying it. It is a separative aspect and it turns the tide of fortune.

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The Trine - A trine occurs when two planets are approximately degrees apart. It is the 5th and the 9th house Hindu aspect. Trines bring about ease and comfort.

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This is a fortunate aspect for harmony, peace and does much to improve adverse aspects. When occuring between Sun and Moon it is more fortunate than any other aspect. The Opposition - The opposition occurs when two planets are about degrees apart.

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The Sextile has to be activated, to get the harmonious flow going. They require activation, as astrologer Kevin Burk writes in Understanding the Birth Chart. Definition: The Sextile is an aspect formed when planets are two. In the horoscope, the sextile aspect shows your cooperating inner forces. The classical astrology meaning of the aspect Sextile (60° between planets) in your.